Virginia Employment Lawyer and Social Security disability Attorney

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Initial Consultations

If you would like to discuss your employment or disability related concerns, call 804-440-6557 to schedule an initial consultation. You will meet directly with attorney D. Scott Gordon for an extended evaluation of your issues, not an inexperienced paralegal.

Social Security Disability


Applying for Benefits

You can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits by proceeding to your local SSA office or by applying online. The online process is far more convenient but you will not have the assistance of a SSA representative. To apply online, proceed to the primary SSA website ( You should have the names and addresses of your medical providers and recent employers available before you begin the process.

Alternatively, you can contact your local SSA office to apply for benefits. You should call ahead of time to see whether you can schedule an appointment or phone conference. The waiting time for in-person services can vary substantially depending upon the traffic at your particular office.