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If you would like to discuss your employment or disability related concerns, call 804-440-6557 to schedule an initial consultation. You will meet directly with attorney D. Scott Gordon for an extended evaluation of your issues, not an inexperienced paralegal.

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Are you reluctant to contact an attorney for advice due to fear of big up-front fees or open-ended "investigation" retainers?

The office of attorney D. Scott Gordon is available to answer questions about your employment law concerns. For convenience, we can schedule phone conferences when requested. In come cases, an initial consultation may be sufficient to reply to your basic questions. In more complex matters, the initial consultation is a foundation to identify issues for potential litigation or settlement. In any event, you should leave a consultation with a clear understanding of how the law applies to your circumstances, the legal process required to pursue a remedy, and a fair estimation of costs or fees required to move forward. An experienced employment attorney can usually provide such feedback at the onset of representation.

Before consulting with an attorney, you should organize your evidence so that you can respond fully to questions about your potential case. For example you should be able to provide:

  • The full name of your employer and the location of your worksite
  • A Copy of your last W2 or 1099
  • A copy of any recent employee evaluation
  • The exact dates for your hire and termination
  • Your written position description
  • Any written offer of employment
  • Any written termination documentation
  • Copies of any text or emails relevant to your issue
  • Any recent medical records for FMLA or disability issues, including the names of your physicians
  • Any unemployment paperwork received from the VEC
  • Copies of any relevant employment policies or union contracts
  • The names and contact information of any relevant witnesses

You can contact us directly at 804-440-6557 to schedule your consultation appointment