Virginia Employment Lawyer and Social Security disability Attorney

Areas of Practice

Initial Consultations

If you would like to discuss your employment or disability related concerns, call 804-440-6557 to schedule an initial consultation. You will meet directly with attorney D. Scott Gordon for an extended evaluation of your issues, not an inexperienced paralegal.

Local Government Employees

City, Town and County Employees

Similar to State employment, the Virginia Code requires each locality that has more than 15 employees to establish a grievance procedure. If a local governing body fails to adopt a grievance procedure, the state grievance procedure becomes applicable for so long as the locality remains in noncompliance.

In Central Virginia, Richmond, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico all have established grievance procedures that reply upon hearings before either a personnel board or a selected panel. The employee is entitled to be represented by counsel. While these processes resemble the State system, each locality has its own time limitations and procedural requirements.

To view the specifics of the grievance policy for your locality you should request a copy of the policy from the locality’s Human resources department.