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If you would like to discuss your employment or disability related concerns, call 804-440-6557 to schedule an initial consultation. You will meet directly with attorney D. Scott Gordon for an extended evaluation of your issues, not an inexperienced paralegal.

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Virginia Grievance Procedure

The Commonwealth of Virginia has established a dispute resolution policy and grievance procedure for qualified state employees, which is administered by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management - Office of Employment Dispute Resolution.  Certain probationary, non-classified and executive personnel may be exempt from the policy.

Appeals and Judicial Review

Parties can request administrative review by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management for the purpose of determining whether a Hearing Officer decision is consistent with state policy or whether there were any violations of the hearing procedure.

Parties also can appeal within 30 days to Circuit Court on the grounds that a Hearing Officer decision is contradictory to law.