Social Security Disability

Attorney Representation

Social Security Disability: Attorney Representation

Why hire an attorney?

You get one chance before the administrative judge. The process for arguing Social Security Disability coverage is more complex than most persons realize. An attorney can assist you in collecting and organizing the medical and employment records necessary to evidence your disability. Most importantly, an attorney will present your case at the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge. In most cases, the attorney, in addition, to questioning you and your witnesses will have to cross-examining the Government’s vocational expert who provides testimony about your supposed work opportunities.

How do I pay attorney fees?

In most cases an attorney charges a contingency fee of 25% of your past due benefits, meaning that you do not have to pay an attorney fee unless you prevail. Expenses such as payment for medical records or expert fees charged for physician reports are not attorney fees and remain the responsibility of the client.

Is my attorney local?

I always stress the benefit of a local counsel, who will be able to meet directly with you to prepare your case.