Small Business Counseling

    Whether you are starting a small business or have been growing your business for years, you are bound to encounter legal issues in employment law. If your company has remained indifferent about its employment practices simply because of limited time or resources, then you may have exposed yourself to unnecessary risks for employment lawsuits or future competition.


Business Legal Counseling

    Legal preparation is simply another form of valuable business insurance. With the proper planning you can protect your customer base, prevent harassment and discrimination complaints, understand and comply with the various disability and family medical leave laws, and avoid costly unemployment taxes.


    What if you could get most of your basic questions answered with a simple phone call? My office serves as valuable resource to businesses like yours, hand-on business owners who want quick and direct answers without large retainers and open-ended attorney fees.


Business Considerations

  • Business Formation (Incorporation or LLC)
  • Employee Issues
  • Company Handbooks & Policies
  • Non-Competition Agreements
  • Litigation
  • EEOC Investigations
  • Overtime - DOL Investigations